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Penn Branch Shopping Center Parking Lot Repair Update


While we’re waiting to find out details about the sale of Penn Branch Shopping Center, the parking lot restoration continues to move forward.

According to the Rappaport Company management team, the part of the parking lot that has been closed over the summer will reopen the week of September 5th, and phase 2, which includes the parking lot area in front of Wells Fargo, Subway, T-Mobil and Custom will close for resurfacing and renovation.

The shopping center will have the same traffic flow set up which includes: the installation of traffic arrows, traffic barriers and open signage’s as they did for Phase 1. Temporary signage stating “All Stores Open” banner has been installed on the roof.

Phase 2 is estimated to be completed, weather permitting, within 40 days. The parking attendant will remain on site as long as management deems it’s not necessary. I

Please continue to support the merchants and keep share your concerns with Penn Branch Citizens Civic association at [email protected]. Also, see our website www.pennbranchdc.org (and Facebook or Twitter @pennbranchdc for additional updates, and we will share them with the management of the shopping center.

We will also keep you up to date about further developments about the sale and plans for the shopping center.  If you have a 2015-16 PBCCA membership card, most of the merchants will continue to honor your discount.

Thank You
Penn Branch Citizens Civic Association

Alpha Custom Cleaners and Tailors
Alpha Custom Cleaners and Tailors

Pope Branch Restoration Project Update


We’re pleased to say that the restoration of Pope Branch Stream is expected to be completed in November 2016.  The Pope Branch tributary stream starts near Fort Davis Drive, runs through Penn Branch (Texas Avenue) and flows to the Anacostia and drains to the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay.  The stream had become an eyesore, polluted by stormwater runoff, leaking sewer pipes, trash, and stagnate  water and mosquitos.  But thanks to the restoration project,  we will soon be proud of our community stream.

The restoration project completed by DC Water and Sewer will provide residents with scenic views, and more importantly, will reduce the sediment load carried to the Anacostia river, and provide a in-stream habit for resident fish and other wildlife.  The entire project will restore the ecological value of Pope Branch stream and floodplain area.

The multiple construction entrances and 3200 linear feet of access road have been completed at Texas Ave, 35th St. and M.  Eighty percent of construction for restoration design features are complete; specifically, shallow places in the stream where the water runs fast and is agitated by rocks, pools, boulder walls, gravel bottoms and small hills of sand constructed with an estimated 1600 tons of natural stream bed material, such as clean sand, gravel, cobble, and boulders.

We will soon have a beautiful community stream, and we thank DC Water and Sewer for keeping us updated and responding to our inquires during the project.


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Support Tax Change Effort – Impacts Retired Teachers, Military and more


DC Raises Taxes
on Retired Military,
Teachers, Others…

Support us by emailing your council
member today!

Nearly 40,000 retired military veterans,
postal workers, firefighters, police officers,
teachers and other federal and DC civil servants just lost
a tax benefit that DC repealed without notice.
The Pension Benefit Exclusion—a law in force for 57
years—allowed retired public servants to exclude $3000
from income when calculating their local taxes. The DC
Council repealed the exclusion without notice, surprising
many seniors when they filed their 2015 returns.

Support the effort by emailing your council member today!

For more information contact Sylvester Bush at Sylvester
202.Five Seven Five-1004 or email: [email protected]



Penn Branch Shopping Center Sold!


Penn Branch Shopping Center Sold at Auction

A bid was accepted by CW Properties on August 10th.  The buyer has not been disclosed and may not for another 30 days.  At this point, we don’t know how the sale will impact the parking lot repairs in process or the merchants and seniors who have raised concerns about the duration of the repairs.

Penn Branch members along with several others community leaders and members have been working for several months to advocate for changes to Penn Branch Shopping Center and along Pennsylvania Avenue East.  For more information, please email us at: [email protected]

We look forward to collaborating with the new owners and neighbors from all areas to move east of the river forward!

Sold at Auction - Penn Branch Shopping Center
Sold at Auction – Penn Branch Shopping Center
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