Pope Branch Stream Restoration Project

Pope Branch Restoration Project Update


We’re pleased to say that the restoration of Pope Branch Stream is expected to be completed in November 2016.  The Pope Branch tributary stream starts near Fort Davis Drive, runs through Penn Branch (Texas Avenue) and flows to the Anacostia and drains to the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay.  The stream had become an eyesore, polluted by stormwater runoff, leaking sewer pipes, trash, and stagnate  water and mosquitos.  But thanks to the restoration project,  we will soon be proud of our community stream.

The restoration project completed by DC Water and Sewer will provide residents with scenic views, and more importantly, will reduce the sediment load carried to the Anacostia river, and provide a in-stream habit for resident fish and other wildlife.  The entire project will restore the ecological value of Pope Branch stream and floodplain area.

The multiple construction entrances and 3200 linear feet of access road have been completed at Texas Ave, 35th St. and M.  Eighty percent of construction for restoration design features are complete; specifically, shallow places in the stream where the water runs fast and is agitated by rocks, pools, boulder walls, gravel bottoms and small hills of sand constructed with an estimated 1600 tons of natural stream bed material, such as clean sand, gravel, cobble, and boulders.

We will soon have a beautiful community stream, and we thank DC Water and Sewer for keeping us updated and responding to our inquires during the project.


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