USCG 2014 Civilian Recruitment Commercial

Penn Branch featured in U.S. Coast Guard commercial


A 60-second commercial for the US Coast Guard features a returning war veteran and his family riding through our neighborhood and ‘arriving home’ on Texas Avenue SE. The video ‘Individuals with Disabilities (60 second)‘ was filmed last summer in Penn Branch and also features the new USCG Headquarters at the Department of Homeland Security in Ward 8.  It was officially released last week on, the civilian recruitment web site for US Coast Guard.

Individuals with Disabilities (60 second)‘ was produced by Ascender Communications and written and directed by Penn Branch resident and current PBCCA parliamentarian, Paul Grant. ‘Penn Branch, with its’ tree-lined streets, coiffed lawns and beautiful brick colonials, offered our production an ideal setting to tell this all-American story,’ says Grant, ‘The Coast Guard was excited very about having that option.’

Honoring their commitment to an inclusive work environment, the US Coast Guard welcomes and encourages applications from persons with disabilities. Disability employment applicants for Coast Guard jobs do not have to be current or former federal employees. The :60-second commercial highlights how the Coast Guard will provide job accommodations and other related services to ensure meeting the needs for successful performance of persons with disabilities.


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