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Penn Branch Community Association Receives $25,000 ‘Sustainable Communities’ Award from PEPCO and Sustainable Maryland


From Left: Donna Cooper (PEPCO Regional President) and PBCA Public Works Chair Alberta Paul and President Stan Benton Receive 25K Award-
From the left: PEPCO Regional President Donna Cooper presents Sustainable Communities award to Penn Branch Public Works Chair Alberta Paul and former President Stan Benton.

DECEMBER 9, 2022

Penn Branch Community Association was awarded $25,000 to make improvements to 9/11 Memorial Park by Pepco and Sustainable Maryland. This funding is made available through Pepco’s Sustainable Communities Grant program, which provides funding to support open space preservation, improvements to parks and recreation resources, environmental conservation, and innovative community resiliency projects.

Our community association was one of 11 local municipalities, recreational authorities, and nonprofits that were chosen to receive $125,000 in funds from Pepco and Sustainable Maryland to support open space and resiliency projects across the District of Columbia and Maryland.

“These are important and impactful projects that will have sustainable impacts on our communities.  We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to support such projects,” said Donna Cooper, Pepco region president. “We are committed to helping our customers and communities achieve our collective climate goals, equitably and inclusively. These grants are one of the many ways we are working to foster a cleaner and safer environment for all.”

Pepco launched the Sustainable Communities Grant program in 2020.

Relieving Cabin Fever

Stan Benton, PBCA President
Stan Benton, PBCA President

As COVID-19 keeps trying all of our patience, we hope to relieve some of your cabin fever by having a panel of speakers at this week’s meeting that’ll talk about the parks and recreation in the area.

Hopefully, this will give you new ideas on things you can do safely outside the house.  The COVID vaccine rollout isn’t going as smooth as it could be. Those that meet the requirements (65 and older and/or working in a health care setting in DC) should regularly check out DC’s Coronavirus website at to see where they can sign up to receive the vaccine. I highly recommend everyone to go to that website and sign up for their alerts via email or text. This will help keep you up to date on the latest COVID issues for DC residents. Let’s check in on our neighbors to see if they need assistance with those tasks.

As you know, the Block Captains are an essential part of our PBCA communications. If you don’t know who your Block Captain is or if you are not receiving email updates from us, please let us know by dropping us a note at: [email protected], or by giving me a call at 240-416-9221 . And lastly, we have many new neighbors. If you’re not a PBCA member yet, please either reach out to your Block Captain or get on our website at to join.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!

Stan Benton,
PBCA President