DC Dig Out!

Help Your Neighbors Dig Out!
Help Your Neighbors Dig Out!

We need your help!  We are coordinating to help residents in Penn Brach and Ward 7 dig out and address urgent issues as the result of the snow storm.  Our efforts are in addition major efforts by city agencies that have been working around the clock to assist residents and provide services.

We NEED as soon as possible

  1. Volunteers to help dig out residents with critical needs and those who are unable.
  2. Anyone who is able to travel to the Reeves Center to work as part of a Ward 7 efforts
  3. Help identifying Penn Branch and Ward 7 residents who need to be a priority (ill , without electric or heat or without adequate resources)
  4. Help identifying streets that are unplowed (understand that major streets are a priority)
  5. If you have electric/gas snow blowers and tools to assist neighbors with urgent needs
  6. Shoveling out are fire hydrants
  7. Identify any other major issues

We need your help to coordinate:

email: [email protected] or call 202-484-6001

Jimmie Williams, President

‘Roy Ward, Vice President

Lisa Baker, Recording Secretary

Towana Banks, Treasurer

Matt Pinardi, Parliamentarian

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