Tips to Help Manage Our “Furry Friends”

At our last meeting, we heard from CPL. Megan Holeva and Stephanie DeMoss, Representatives of the Washington Human Society about pets, feral animals and wildlife.  Here are a few tips to help you manage our “furry friends.”


  • Drive at a (reasonable) constant speed: do not suddenly slow down or speed up
  • Culling deer usually makes the problem worse, so
  • There are several on-market replants, but they must be used correctly
  • Very the plants in your yard, there are plants that deter deer (see link below)


  • The Human Society will capture, tag, and spay/neuter, any stray and feral cats, and return back to the area.
  • There are repellants and devices that you can purchase to detract cats from yard
  • Collar and tag your cats. Also, help save birds by putting bells on your cats.
  • Protect your cats by monitoring them when they are outdoors.


  • Regardless of size, keep your dogs on a leash. It’s the law.
  • Clean up behind your dog
  • Beware of DC dog tethering laws – dogs must have food, water and be able to escape harm

Barking dogs – Nuisance barking is against the law

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