A snowy start to 2022. Penn Branch on January 10th.

New Year, New Opportunities


Stan Benton, PresidentHopefully everybody’s enjoying the New Year so far. ‘New Year, new opportunities,’ as they say.  For PBCA, that means new officer positions that we need to fill on the board. Our First Vice President, Kyle Murphy, will not run for re-election, and our current Treasurer Moh Williams has decided to step down. I’d like to give some appreciation to Kyle and Moh for stepping up to the challenge.

The good news is that we’re finally holding our elections next week and we have some amazing candidates ready to go. This includes Secretary Marie Fritz, who is seeking to fill our vacant 2nd Vice-President chair and Parliamentarian, Natiya Curtis is also seeking another term in that seat. Please make sure your membership is up to date so that you can vote.

Finally, the COVID-19 Omicron variant is spreading fast. Please continue to be safe and practice social distancing.  To locate COVID test kits, go to https://coronavirus.dc.gov  Under Testing click on Test Yourself DC At-Home Kit then scroll to the bottom to see real-time test availability at the various Test Yourself Locations. Take note that experts advise to take at least two antigen tests over the course of about two days, if you have been exposed.

Please stay safe everyone and I’ll see you at the meeting.

Stan Benton,

PBCA President

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PBCA Officer Elections on Tuesday, Jan. 11th

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